Pre-Qualifying for NMFA Bond Underwriting Pools

To pre-qualify for the PPRF pool, the NMDOT pool, and/or the Conduit pool, underwriters must submit a proposal stating the pool or pools in which they are requesting to be included to:

Proposals should contain information such as that suggested below as well as any other information deemed helpful to Finance Authority staff in pre-qualifying underwriters for bond underwriting pools:

  1. Introductory firm information including such information as products, capital available for underwriting activities, personnel, and interest in underwriting Finance Authority bonds.
  2. Experience and qualification of personnel to be assigned to Finance Authority underwritings.
  3. The Pricing/Underwriting/Syndication Desk’s approach to managing bond sales including sales of bonds with unusual features and structures.
  4. Demonstrated New Mexico and national underwriting presence including the firm’s position in recent “League Table” standings for both Competitive and Negotiated transactions nationally and in New Mexico.
  5. Knowledge and familiarity with the Finance Authority’s programs.
  6. Typical takedown and management fees for Negotiated bond sales.
  7. Performance in bidding on Finance Authority Competitive bond sales since 2009.
  8. Experience, if any, in closing PPRF transactions as an outside Financial Advisor.
  9. Experience, if any, in providing the Finance Authority or NMDOT with credit facilities including swaps and liquidity facilities requiring the extension of credit to the Finance Authority or NMDOT.
  10. Unique bond placement capabilities, if any.
  11. Unique structuring capabilities, if any.
  12. Firm employees based in the State of New Mexico.
  13. Location of the firm’s Pricing desk responsible for New Mexico bonds.
  14. Recent contacts with Finance Authority staff to present proposals, to present or solicit ideas, or to build relationships including attendance at Finance Authority Board meetings.
  15. Approach to elevating investor awareness of, and interest in, Finance Authority bonds.

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