NMFA programs provide low or no-cost financing that may not otherwise be available.

General Information

Due to low-income populations in many areas of the state, a large number of entities have very limited resources to secure funding. To help, the NMFA can offer loans below market rates to make it possible for qualified entities to provide governmental services for public health, safety or welfare of their communities. The PPRF permits the NMFA to lower the cost of borrowing for entities with median household incomes (MHI) of less than 90% of the State’s MHI.

One of the goals of the NMFA is to strengthen relationships with borrowers and potential borrowers to reinforce commitment to the state and local governments. The NMFA works with “program partners” such as the Council of Governments, the New Mexico Municipal League and Association of Counties.

The NMFA refers to “program partners” because these are long-term relationships that far exceed a basic loan agreement. The NMFA has a wide variety of loan programs or ‘tools’ for communities to take advantage of and the NMFA’s job is to spend as much time as necessary to match appropriate programs to community’s needs.