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NMFA Board Members

Board Members


NMFA Board

Pursuant to the 1992 Act, all officers of the Board are elected by the Board members with the exception of the Board Chair who is an appointed member selected by the Governor.

The NMFA’s Board is composed of eleven members. The Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration; the Secretary of Economic Development; the Secretary of Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources; the Secretary of the Environment Department; the Executive Director of the New Mexico Municipal League and the Executive Director of the New Mexico Association of Counties are ex-officio members of the NMFA with voting privileges. The Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints five members to the NMFA Board including the chief financial officer of an institution of higher education and four members who are residents of the state. The appointed members serve at the pleasure of the governor and are appointed to four year terms.

The NMFA Bylaws provide the fundamental principles of NMFA’s structure, directors and officers. The NMFA Board maintains five standing committees each with specified responsibilities set forth in its committee charter.

NMFA Bylaws
Audit Committee Charter
Economic Development Committee Charter
Executive Committee Charter
Public Lending Committee Charter
Finance & Disclosure Committee Charter



If you have any questions regarding the NMFA Board or their processes, please contact: Connie Marquez,  Board Administrator, NMFA Administrative Support Services. 505-992-9611